AD Garage: 4600 professional repairers in 13 countries.

AD Garage = repair and maintenance for all car brands
AD Garage offers a complete service for virtually all car brands. If You have several cars of a different brand in your family, your AD Garage will take care of them all

AD Garage = quality a fair price
The parts and products fitted in the AD Garage network are carefully selected by national and international teams so that top quality can be guaranteed. The parts are produced by leading manufacturers in Europe. Thanks to the national and international purchasing power of their AD Wholesalers, AD Garages are able to offer competitive prices to their customers.

AD Garage = trained mechanics and modern technical equipment
In order to keep up with the ever increasing amount of technology and electronics in modern cars the AD Garage mechanics are trained on a regular basis. Thanks to the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment they can diagnose problems on virtually all car brands.

AD Garage = added value for the motorist
As a customer of AD Garage You benefit from additional services such as:
· Mobility warranty
· Courtesy vehicles
· Payment services

Autodistribution International

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