Group of companies AD Ukraine has been a leader in Ukraine for over 10 years

It`s not easy to be a market leader, but it`s a very interesting work. It is like to go up on escalator that is moving down. You have to put in many efforts to stay where you are. Luckily, such conditions make companies tougher and stimulate evolution of creativity among company staff.

AD Ukraine consist of 5 companies: ESO-Autotechnics, Autodistribution CargoParts, FormaParts, AT Engineering, AD Diesel. The same owners possess all of these companies. Many years ago, the decision was made to separate different business directions in each company. This allows to evaluate more accurately the profitability and dynamics of each direction, and makes it possible to be more flexible and concentrate on the peculiarities inherent in one or another business. At the same time, we all remain one team with ability to share experiences and use some resources together.

The long-lasting instability of the political and economic situation in our country taught us to achieve the desired results  in the shortest time, and constantly consider a chance of forthcoming economic crisis and/or other external factors that we can`t influence. In a simple form, our goal is - to perform better than our market on the average. If our market grows, we want to grow faster; if there is a crisis – we want to fall slower than others do.

In order to be ready  to any scenario, we focus on efficiency and in order to achieve it,  our team constantly develops and improves analytical tools, reviews business processes, and monitors many indicators. At the same time, we continuously monitor the current needs of our customers and try to adapt our activity to them. A wide network of branches with warehouses throughout the country, a well-thought-out assortment, fast delivery of goods, technical advice center and trainings, a convenient IT platform for customers, a wide network of partner service stations and a team of experts - this is what we never stop to invest in. This year 2020 reminded the whole world that the most valuable thing for an individual is heath, for business it is: reliable partners. Only together, we can overcome difficulties and move forward. We are pleased that most suppliers are moving away from the standard approach and find ways to support their customers. We try to do the same for our customers and our suppliers.

We wish you good health, patience and strength.

Yours faithfully,
AD Ukraine