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OSRAM: Your strong partner for your business

OSRAM products in the automotive aftermarket sector are innovative and of high technical quality. You can rely on OSRAM to deliver a wide range of premium products, from traditional halogen and xenon lamps to the latest LED technology. Modern vehicle lighting also offers you unexpected business opportunities - especially when upgrading to our value-added products.

The perfect upgrade with high-tech lighting power from OSRAM

Customers can select the perfect lamp for their individual needs from the value-added products. No matter if more importance is attached to performance (NIGHT BREAKER® family), design (COOL BLUE® INTENSE), above-average service life (ULTRA LIFE) or original spare parts, the innovative products with high light output are tailored to the respective requirements. 

In addition to conventional lamp upgrades, the OSRAM portfolio also includes LED-based lighting solutions such as our LEDriving headlights.

With its LED full aftermarket headlamps, OSRAM offers flexible solutions and a legal performance and design upgrade for various vehicle models. The new OSRAM LEDriving headlamps replace halogen and xenon lighting with state-of-the-art LED technology. In 2018, the LEDriving headlamp for the Golf VII received the coveted Automechanika Innovation Award in the "Electronics & Systems" category. The aftermarket LED-based headlamps have a light output up to 200 percent higher than the statutory minimum requirements (ECE R112) and illuminate obstacles in road traffic brighter with up to 100 percent whiter light than standard headlamps.

No matter which OSRAM product you choose, you can always expect tested, high quality and strong light. OSRAM monitors and tests all aspects of the quality and performance of its products, from production through to endurance tests in its certified environmental simulation laboratory before sale. The result is extensive guarantees and the performance of an OSRAM original spare part.

But the most impressive benefits of OSRAM automotive lighting are those you can't see: higher customer satisfaction, more trust, an improved reputation for your business, and a marketing and sales support you can rely on. 

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