Supplier of the Year: The driving force behind Bilstein Group

Hybrid and electric vehicle sales are rapidly increasing and appear set to dominate the automotive sector. As a result, companies such as Bilstein Group must adapt and react proactively to continue offering the widest range of high-quality repair solutions to the Independent Aftermarket.

Bilstein Group exemplifies this every day. Winning the “Supplier of the Year” award at ADI’s Summit held in May 2022, the honour was not just a recognition for any achievement in cooperation with ADI and its members, but rather it symbolized so much more. It represents the overall performance of all departments in our company and is proof that we live and breathe customer orientation, and we stay true to our motto: ‘unbeatable as a team’. These factors are the ‘driving force’ behind sustaining the trust placed in us.

Bilstein Group has been in the mobility business for a long time   - longer than the automotive sector has existed. We have always adapted to new situations to provide what the market requires and create business opportunities. This is no different today, and we already have thousands of parts on offer for hybrid, electric and alternate-powered vehicles.

More than 2,000 new articles are introduced annually for passenger cars alone, and we have a database of over 90,000 individual vehicle variants. Additionally, the delivery of more than four million catalogue applications to the screens of distributors and installers around the world puts the Bilstein Group in a very strong position to provide the aftermarket with the widest range of repair and maintenance parts both today and tomorrow.

The Bilstein Group is truly an independent company: we are agile and able to adapt quickly. We focus on the current and future needs of our customers - they are at the heart of everything we do. As such, we adapt to their requirements and create the solutions that are most needed. We support the aftermarket by producing what is necessary for internal combustion, hybrid, electric and alternate-powered vehicles, applying to both road and off-highway vehicles.

We also rely heavily on our state-of-the-art production facilities. At Bilstein Group Engineering, our strong technical expertise, combined with our impressive and extensive production area, results in creating products of only the highest quality. From initial design, testing and tooling to serial production and our quality management systems, every step of the process is carried out with the utmost commitment and accuracy.

Giving immediate attention to article research for the latest vehicle releases is the basis for our ‘Fast to Market’ approach. Early identification of OE references provides either an instant connection to an existing article or triggers a data alert in our product development tools for prioritised new product introductions. No third-party data is used for this critical research: our vehicle and application research specialists have direct access to official manufacturer EPC’s (electronic parts catalogues). Therefore, our research is independent and 100% authentic.

Furthermore, our new online tool FANS - Future Article Notification System - placed inside our partsfinder catalogue now gives customers and installers the opportunity to suggest new products or indicate specific article needs for an exact vehicle model via our online parts-searching platform.

To prove this commitment even further, our additional new -  and large  - logistics centre in Germany opened this year and provides us with an even greater capacity to develop our future product offer.

We will move and develop to where the market needs us to be, which is what we’ve achieved since 1844 - providing The Right Product, in The Right Place, at The Right Time.