International network

From its solid base in Western and Eastern Europe, ADI has expanded its footprint on the European continent, as well as on other continents such as Africa, Central Asia and the Caucasus.
Respectful of their different cultures and traditions in which root their specific market environments, ADI today brings together people from 40 nations, exchanging information and improving their business methods by learning from each other and transferring their acquired know-how.


Proximity is a key element in the business approach of ADI and its partners: 600 automotive wholesale distributors operating over 3000 outlets ensure regular and timely deliveries to any and every professional repairer. These AD distributors locally stock and deliver professional repairers all mechanical, technical and electronic components.

 Quality parts

The experienced team in the AD International headquarters in Kortenberg/Belgium co-ordinates the group's activities and liaises with the international management teams of ADI's over 40 contract suppliers.

Availibility & Logistics

Vast national distribution centres with a total surface area of more than 400.000 m², and a total regional warehouse capacity of 2.600.000 m² provide the availability to guarantee the high level of service the professional repairer rightly expects.
ADI partners continuously invest in logistic efficiency.

Technical support: Eure!Car

Going along with and anticipating the dramatic increase of technology in modern cars, ADI has set up its exclusive program for enchancement and promotion of technical training and support: Eure!CarWithin the Eure!Car program national AD organizations and their AD distributors organize a comprehensive series of high-quality technical trainings for professional repairers.Eure!Car is supported by leading parts manufacturers, reinforcing both ADI's and the ADI partners' continuous efforts to raise the level of technical competence of the repairer. 

More information is available on www.eurecar.org


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