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ADI and Pronto take common action in "1Parts" joint venture

 Frankfurt, September 17, 2014

Autodistribution International (ADI) and National Pronto Association (Pronto) announced their decision to develop common automotive aftermarket activities in their joint venture “1Parts”.

 The challenges of the automotive sector are many: in a globalized market where vehicle manufacturers joined forces years ago, the OEM and OES suppliers are creating joint ventures and merging at a steady pace. Technological research and development have become a world business too, driven by environmental requirements and consumer comfort and safety needs. Even motorists become more “global” as the internet continues to tighten its grip on key domains of the automotive sector.


Grup Eina Digital: 360° integrated technical support

Since the start of the ADI Training program Eure!Car, the company Grup Eina Digital has been a key player in supplying technical support to ADI and its partners.
GED, short for Grup Eina Digital, started off in 2002 as a spin-off of AD Parts, Spain.
Having been very successful in offering training and technical hotline support to repairers in Spain and Portugal first, the GED service was soon extended outside Spain and Portugal, to other ADI Partners.


Figiefa: update on Telematics

Update on Telematics and the Automotive Aftermarket
Maintaining the right of equal access and to equal information for all participants in the automotive aftermarket.
Towards ‘connected-mobility’
Wireless telematics technologies are rapidly becoming part of the new evolution of modern vehicles – we are entering the world of the ‘smart connected car’. The ‘smart connected car’ is about to change the way we drive and think about our personal mobility. New vehicle technologies support safety functionalities such as emergency assistance (eCall) and also breakdown assistance (bCall), but can also provide a wide-ranging array of entertainment and information services, such as route navigation, traffic information, e-mail, web browsing, social media, hotel bookings, or directions to the nearest available parking space or petrol station. These services and the ability of the car to interface with other connected devices, means that the vehicle is increasingly becoming a part of our daily ‘connected-mobility’.


New partner in Ireland

One of the most exciting opportunities to occur in the Irish IAM  came to fruition recently with the news  that  Ireland’s leading parts distributor  J & S Automotive were to  become a partner of  AD INTERNATIONAL as AD Éire.
J & S Automotive was formed in 1978 with just two staff members who had the foresight of  establishing  links with suppliers in Japan in order to satisfy a local demand for OE quality Japanese spare parts. 

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