ADI provides services supporting its partners all over Europe to supply professional repairers a full range of parts.



1Parts announces first global supplier agreements

Hosted by Autodistribution France at the Equip’Auto (Paris, 13-17 October), 1Parts and ADI announce the first global supplier agreements.


Thomas Vollmar elected ADI President

"Exactly five years ago, I had the opportunity to speak to you as President of the ADI here in the Abbey of La Ramée on the very same spot. My recollection of that ADI Convention was of a rather exciting and stimulating event: it was in April 2010 that the Icelandic volcano with the unpronounceable name erupted and brought air travel throughout Northern Europe to a standstill, preventing many of our colleagues from travelling to our event. Our ADI team made the best of the situation and came up with a quick and pragmatic solution to this by launching the first Independent Aftermarket Online Convention."


Philips - Supplier of the year 2014

"It’s been a great honor for us to be elected Supplier of the Year 2014.
We would like to thank all those who participated into this vote for this outstanding recognition. But more important we wish to thank you for your trust and for the historically successful partnership between ADI and Philips."


Stéphane Antiglio, Chairman of the Autodistribution Group’s Executive Board, elected “Aftermarket Professional of the Year”

"I am extremely honoured to receive this award, and I would like to share it with all the teams in the Autodistribution Group. The work performed by everyone since 2009 is bearing fruit, and enables us to approach the future with peace of mind.
This great future will be the future of independent distribution as a whole, as long as we are able to continue to modernise with the assistance of AD International’s partner component manufacturers."

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