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ADI and Pronto take common action in "1Parts" joint venture

 Frankfurt, September 17, 2014

Autodistribution International (ADI) and National Pronto Association (Pronto) announced their decision to develop common automotive aftermarket activities in their joint venture “1Parts”.

 The challenges of the automotive sector are many: in a globalized market where vehicle manufacturers joined forces years ago, the OEM and OES suppliers are creating joint ventures and merging at a steady pace. Technological research and development have become a world business too, driven by environmental requirements and consumer comfort and safety needs. Even motorists become more “global” as the internet continues to tighten its grip on key domains of the automotive sector.


AD Éire

ADI is proud to announce that an affiliation agreement entering on 26.09.2014 was signed with J+S Automotive who will trade as J+S/AD Éire in the future.  J+S Automotive is a family owned business founded in 1978 with head office in Dublin. Alan Gaynor, General Manager of AD Éire/J+S Automotive, is excited about this new development : “The partnership with AD International is an important step for J+S, it will allow us to enrich our product portfolio and add value to our business, for instance through the Eure!Car technical support program.”
The Republic of Ireland counts 4.8 M people and 2.2 M passenger cars.

For more information you can contact

- At ADI: Omer Wesemael, + 32 2 759 29 95, omer.wesemael@mail.adi.be, www.ad-europe.com

- At J+S/AD Éire: Alan Gaynor, +353 1 629 79 99, alan.gaynor@jsautomotive.ie, www.jsautomotive.ie


AD Algerie

AD Tunisie, part of Ulysse Trading and Industrial Companies (UTIC) and ADI Partner since 2012, announced a joint venture with the company DSM (Djerbellou Sons Motors) to set up AD Algerie.
Djerbellou Sons Motors is a family owned business with head office in El Khroub.
With AD Algerie, ADI extends its footprint on the African continent in a market with 37 M people and 5.5 M passenger cars, bringing the total of ADI countries to 32.

For more information you can contact :

- At ADI: Omer Wesemael, + 32 2 759 29 95, omer.wesemael@mail.adi.be, www.ad-europe.com

- At AD Tunisie : Slim Bairam, +216 71 770 200, slim.bairam@utic.com.tn


A Successful first ADI Summ!t at Dolce La Hulpe

After 25 “Conventions”, ADI gathers its partners of Trade and Industry in a new meeting formula, called “ADI Summ!t”.  The ADI Summ!t combines the benefits of former Conventions, such as the Awards and the individual business meetings between ADI partners and Suppliers, in a more compact format with a clear focus on high level content and top management on both sides.

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